October 21st 2008

Our next meeting will be Tuesday, October 21st @ 7:00 PM

Colin Sampaleanu
speaking on the “OSGi, Spring Dynamic Modules & the SpringSource dm Server”
Sun Microsystems

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San Diego, CA 92121 s
From 805 exit west at La Jolla Village Dr.
North on Towne Centre Drive

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6:30 - Equipment setup and mixer – Food provided TBD

7:00 - Meeting begins, announcements

7:10 - Speaker: Colin Sampaleanu is Director of Technical Sales at SpringSource speaking on “OSGi, Spring Dynamic Modules & the SpringSource dm Server”

7:50 - Short Break Framework

8:00 - Speaker: Colin Sampaleanu speaking on the Spring Framework

9:00 - Close the doors (really we have to get out!Drawings - final announcements Meeting Ends, tear down, mixer

9:30 - Close the doors (really we have to get out!)


Speaker: Colin Sampaleanu, Director of Technical Sales at SpringSource


Title: OSGi, Spring Dynamic Modules & the SpringSource dm Server



This session provides a look at the OSGi programming model and the SpringSource dm Server, a lightweight, scalable server with support for OSGi and Spring. 

SpringSource dm Server: Java developers today have available to them a capable programming language and a large set of frameworks and libraries that provide lots of functionality out of the box. However, they regularly face significant pain with regards to modularity, versioning, and code re-use, due to the present use of an execution platform (JAR, WAR and EAR packages deployed into standard Java EE servers) stuck in the year 2000. The OSGi platform, an industry-wide standard which has evolved over a 10 year period, solves these pain points. This presentation introduces OSGi, the Spring Dynamic Modules project which integrates the plain Java programming model of Spring with OSGi, and the SpringSource dm Server, a lightweight, scalable server with support for OSGi, Spring, and the concept of "profiles", such as the initial web profile which includes an embedded Tomcat server. 


Speaker Bio

Colin is Director of Technical sales at SpringSource. He is a co-founder of the company, and one of the original core committers on the Spring Framework project (gaining commit status in mid-2003). Since starting the company he has served in a number of roles, usually combining both technical as well as business and customer facing aspects. He is a hands-on architect with 20+ years of experience in developing commercial software, including all aspects of the software development lifecycle. Colin is co-author of 'Professional Java Development with Spring.


Colin has had a long and varied career, including experience developing for and managing his own retail software company, other experience in the C++ shrinkwrap and enterprise software space, experience with Java since '97, and a complete focus on enterprise Java since '99.


Prior to SpringSource, Colin spent more than 4 years as architect then chief architect at a leading software incubator / VC. Colin's role was split between one part hands on architecture, design, and coding, another part mentoring and teaching best practices at the code and process level, and a final part performing technical due diligence and consulting for the VC arm. Throughout this period, Colin gained experience with and an appreciation for agile development practices as a vital part of software success.


Throughout his career, Colin's experience, wide ranging interests and general knowledge in the technology space have led him to be a resource that others have been able to draw on for advice. In general, Colin's background has left him with a deep knowledge of all it takes to successfully put out good software, at the code, process, and business level.


Along with client-facing work at SpringSource, Colin also spends significant time on Spring evangelism, having spoken on many occasion on Java EE and Spring Framework at conferences and JUGs.


Company Bio

Java applications.  SpringSource is also the leading company behind Apache Tomcat. 


SpringSource offers a host of production ready, enterprise grade products that are professional, tested and hardened for enterprise use and available with full commercial support. 


SpringSource Application Platform

An end-to-end platform  that is designed from the ground up for complete portability and scalability for today’s data center and for next-generation virtualized, grid, and cloud computing deployments.  The platform includes a powerful and highly flexible enterprise Java application server that provides a dramatically simpler alternative to legacy application servers and redefines the way in which Java applications are deployed and run.


SpringSource Enterprise

Includes certified, tested and indemnified software coupled with advanced production and development capabilities and support.


SpringSource Enterprise Ready Server (ERS)

The most comprehensive and widely distributed solution for Apache Web and Tomcat Application Server management.


SpringSource also provides enterprise support to help organizations utilize infrastructure technologies from the Apache Software Foundation., including Apache HTTPD, Apache Tomcat, and Apache ActiveMQ, among others.


The open source-based Spring Portfolio is a comprehensive enterprise application framework designed on long-standing themes of simplicity and power. With more than five million downloads to date, Spring has become an integral part of the enterprise applications infrastructure at organizations worldwide.  SpringSource offers very comprehensive support, consulting and training services for these technologies.


Nearly half of the Global 2000, including many of the world’s largest financial institutions, retailers, manufacturers, healthcare, technology and public sector clients are SpringSource customers.


With headquarters in San Mateo, California, SpringSource employs some of the world’s foremost enterprise Java developers in locations throughout the globe, including the United Kingdom, France, Canada, The Netherlands, Germany and Australia.  The company is privately held, with venture capital investment from Accel Partners and Benchmark Capital.


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