August Meeting

Our next meeting will be Tuesday,
August 17th. Doors open @ 6:30 PM,
Meeting begins @ 7:00 PM

Presenter: Prashant Sadashiv Khanwale

Speaking on: "ANTLR - a DSL for building DSLs"


Presenter: Llewellyn Falco

Speaking on: "Intentional Test Driven Development."


>>>>> 9515 Towne Center Drive <<<<<
San Diego, CA 92121
From 805 exit west at La Jolla Village Dr.
North on Towne Centre Drive

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6:30 -

Equipment setup and mixer - Food provided by Shopzilla

7:00 -

Meeting begins, announcements

7:10 -

Speaker: Prashant Sadashiv Khanwale

7:50 -

Short Break

8:00 -

Speaker: Llewellyn Falco

9:00 -

Drawings - final announcements Meeting Ends, tear down, mixer

9:30 -

Close the doors (really we have to get out!)

Speaker: Prashant Sadashiv Khanwale

Title: "ANTLR - a DSL for building DSLs"

Abstract: Domain Specific Languages (DSL) are very much in the news these days. There are many ways to bring a DSL to life, but most of them involve using a “non-DSL” such as Java to code the interpreters. ANTLR Parser Generator provides an alternative that uses a DSL to build a DSL, reducing code and the need to maintain complex algorithms in their source form. This session aims to give a brief introduction to this library and associated

Bio:Prashant Khanwale has a Masters in Computer Science, and over 15 years of experience in system and multitier software application development and team leadership in diverse domains such as banking, finance, aerospace and defense, and insurance. Prashant is President of Suveda Solutions Inc., an information technology solution provider. Prashant’s professional interests include enterprise architecture, enterprise technology platform migration and high volume OLTPS. Prashant has also been a speaker at other technical Conferences and user groups including SDJUG.

Prashant is currently also working as Principal Engineer at an established, leading insurance software vendor, where he is involved in building software for the auto insurance industry.

Company Bio:
Suveda Solutions Inc. offers services in the areas of software implementation and project management services . The core business focus is outsourcing and contracting services for software implementation, architectural review, architectural migration and project management. Suveda is a strong partner in providing technical knowhow in enterprise class systems.

Speaker: Llewellyn Falco

Title: "Intentional Test Driven Development."

Abstract: TDD is all about helping you, the developer, write code faster and easier. If you haven't experienced the speed benefits for yourself yet, come to this small workshop to find out why TDD is for and about the developers. In this 1 hour long randori you will get a chance to code and learn. This session will focus on the 1st two benefits of the four benefits of TDD.

1) Specifications
2) Feedback

Bio:Llewellyn learned to jump horses in the 7th grade while living in France. Back in states, while studying drafting in high school, he started fire eating, sleight of hand magic, and once rode a unicycle 6 miles. After learning to juggle torches, he joined a acrobatics group in college where he specialized on the trampoline and walking a slack rope. He can calculate the cube root of any perfect cube under 1,000,000 in his head, as well as pick a standard lock. He can rollerblade down a flight of stairs, backwards. Later, he has learned to play the doumbek (a type of drum), to accompaniment a belly dancing girlfriend. Llewellyn studied Tai Chi for 2 years, can throw a knife at 20 feet, and a playing card at 50. He has taught swing dancing, and loves to salsa. He is also an accomplished speed chess player. In the last year, he has been scuba diving over 20 times, become a guitar hero, and broke his personal record of paddle balling over 200 times. Llewellyn attributes his success to the large amount of caffeine he has consumed, and enjoys computer programming in his spare time.

Speaking Engagements:

* Tech Ed South Africa (co-presenting with Michael Feathers)
* Agile 2010 - The Worst of Legacy Code: Forensic Development
* Developmentor author/instructor TDD class
* .Net Rocks 2010 - Teaching Kids Programming
* Agile 2009 - A pictures worth a 1000 Tests
* MSDN Channel 9 GeekSpeak - Refactoring Tips & Tricks
* Code Camps : San Diego (2006,2007,2008,2009,2010)
* Code Camps : Irvine (2008,2009,2010)
* Code Camps : Pheonix (2009)
* Code Camps : LA (2008,2009)
* Code Camps : Silicon Valley (2009)
* and many user groups

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