April Meeting

Our next meeting will be Tuesday, April 19th.
Doors open @ 6:30 PM,
Meeting begins @ 7:00 PM

Presenters: Alline Oliveira
and June Clarke

Speaking on: Better communication through code;
Creating a shared language for your team
An experimental Agile Toolkit.


>>>>> 9515 Towne Center Drive <<<<<
San Diego, CA 92121
From 805 exit west at La Jolla Village Dr.
North on Towne Centre Drive

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6:30 -

Equipment setup and mixer - Food provided by Shopzilla

7:00 -

Meeting begins, announcements

7:10 -

Speakers: Alline Watkins and June Clarke

7:50 -

Short Break

8:00 -

Speakers: Alline Watkins and June Clarke

9:00 -

Drawings - final announcements Meeting Ends, tear down, mixer

9:30 -

Close the doors (really we have to get out!)

Speakers: Alline Watkins and June Clarke

Title: Better communication through code; Creating a shared language for your team. An experimental Agile Toolkit.

Abstract:Software development, by its nature, is a series of translations and compromises. What the end user wants, what the customer is willing to pay for, and what is technically feasible rarely combine to form a unified set of features. A deeper understanding between technical and non-technical people is needed, in particular at the communication divide between stakeholders and developers.

In this talk the dynamic duo, Alline Watkins and June Clarke will show you how to develop a domain-specific, ubiquitous language, how to lessen the responsibility gap between managers and developers and how to use your code base as the central source for your requirements and documentation, to improve communication for the whole team. Does your source code lack knowledge? Is it a complex mess that just doesn't make any sense to anyone, even possibly you? If you or one of your employees left work now, would others be able to make sense of it?

Live Source is a system, all written in JAVA, that capture and display document information about your software, dynamically from your source code. A new web tool for your project, shedding light on the darkness of codebase by extracting a smart, easy to read summary of the content. Just write your code well and let Live Source take care of the rest.

The presentation will begin with a 10-minute tutorial on how to use a ubiquitous language on your team. The benefits of this language will closely align your requirements with the source code.

Using this as a basis, we will demonstrate our web tool to show the features that enable stakeholders to better understand what is going on technically on the project, and how to use the code base as a place to store requirements, priorities and metrics.

By fleshing out the concept of using a team-wide ubiquitous language, we have developed a simple web application that opens your codebase to stakeholders. Non-technical people can view and understand the high-level structure of the code, and contribute new requirements in a context-sensitive way. Requirements and documentation are integrated with the source code making your codebase a central location for most of your project artifacts. Project status and end-user documentation can then be dynamically extracted from your source code.

Learning outcomes
New ideas for producing documentation for an Agile project at a low cost. An understanding of the concept that a code repository can also be used to centralize requirements, end-user documentation and planning information. How to develop and apply ubiquitous language in your team. How to collaborate programmers and non-programmers.

Slide Share: http://www.slideshare.net/allineoliveira/source-agileexperiment
Speaker Rate: http://speakerrate.com/talks/5306-the-source-agile-toolkit

Bio:@allineo: brazilian scrummaster, agile experimenter & senior java programmer. Alline Oliveira Watkins is a Computer Programmer at University of California at San Diego (UCSD). She has been working hard for 2 years with Google Web Toolkit (GWT) and more than 10 years with JAVA programming. Alline is also a Certified Scrum Master (CSM) by Scrum Alliance; and an Agile Specialist at University of California, San Diego. > In the last 20 years, she has worked in various jobs including System Analyst at Tata Consultancy Services, a CMM Level 5 company from India; Alline graduated with a degree in Computer Science from the University of Brasília, Brazil. @allineo: brazilian scrummaster, agile experimenter & senior java programmer

Bio:@joonspoon: a friendly solver of problems. natural habitat: having fun/ coding on agile team. June is a leader in the XP/Agile community having co-organized Agile San Diego since 2002. Since she got her first exposure to eXtreme Programming in 2001, June has been an Agile evangelist, bringing education to large corporations, government, colleges and other local technical groups (SDJUG, SoCal Code Camp, SDRuby). In life, June has applied her 10 years of Agile experience in everything from keeping peace between roommates to teaching programming to kids and adults. In work, she has managed Agile teams in challenging environments such as very static government organizations to locationally distributed teams. She speaks regularly at local technical groups and conferences.

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