June Meeting

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Our next meeting will be Tuesday, June 19th.
Doors open @ 6:30 PM,
Meeting begins @ 7:00 PM

Double Feature!
Presenter: David S. Johnson
Speaking on: Agile - Beyond the Hype
Presenter: Alline Watkins
Speaking on: User Driven Development


>>>>> 4455 Morena Blvd. Suite 210 <<<<<
San Diego, CA 92117
From Highway 5 exit east at Balboa
North on Morena Blvd.

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6:30 -

Equipment setup and mixer - Food provided by

7:00 -

Meeting begins, announcements

7:15 -

Speaker: David S. Johnson, CSM, PMP

7:50 -

Short Break

8:00 -

Speaker: Alline Watkins

9:00 -

Drawings - final announcements Meeting Ends, tear down, mixer

9:30 -

Official Stop but we can hang out for as long as the drinks continue or longer!

Speaker: David S. Johnson, CSM, PMP

Title: Agile - Beyond the Hype


  1. The benefits of Agile, including
    1. How Agile helps customers receive what they really want
    2. How Agile Helps to Motivate Workers
  2. Requirements Management
  3. Continuous Integration (CI)
  4. Project Schedules
  5. Communication
  6. Estimation
  7. Return on Investment (ROI)

Bio: David is a Certified Scrum Master (CSM) as well as a PMI Certified Project Management Professional (PMP). He has over 3 years of experience with Scrum and other agile development processes, as applied to both large and small projects. He currently serves as a project lead and developer. Previously, he helped to establish a very robust Continuous Integration system which is actively used by a geographically dispersed development team.

Speaker: Alline Watkins

Title: User Driven Development

Abstract:As Agile Development drastically changed the Waterfall world, the Lean Startup concepts will drastically change Agile Development, mainly for enterprises. Eric Ries is brilliantly teaching us how to deal with uncertainty in the business world. It is about time to take advantage of these techniques and learn how to apply them in the whole software development process. User Driven Development is Agile Development revised to incorporate the Lean Startups principles.


How do we know which features users will use and which will not? User Driven Development is a methodology that helps answer this question early on in the development process.

The presentation consists of an introduction to the Lean Startup principles and how to apply their best practices in other software environments beyond startups. After decades of work for both enterprise companies and startups, and deeply using Agile Development, the presenter was able to draw an analogy between the new and revolutionary Lean Startup concept from Eric Ries with the actual Agile Development process.

An introduction to the Lean Startup principles:
The concept of Uncertainty
What is a Minimum Viable Product
The Build-Measure-Learn loop
The Problem-Solution Fit

Correlation between Lean Startup principles and Agile Development
The concept of waste revised for the enterprise software
The end user as the center of the development process
A viable software rather than fast development
Tasking based on the user experience and usage metrics
Reducing upfront planning, plan for the current iteration
The importance of a Production Environment at day one
How to choose the right improvements
It is ok to experiment


Learning outcomes

  • The main Lean Startup practices, like Minimum Viable Product and Build-Measure-Learn loop.
  • How to apply the Lean Startup principles to an enterprise software with Agile Development.
  • The disadvantages of the Product Backlog and the Upfront Planning.
  • How to define, plan and prioritize tasks based on the user experience and usage metrics.
  • How to improve a Stand-up meeting.

Nike Inc.

Bio: Alline O. Watkins (@allineo) is a Java Programmer at Nike Inc. In the last 20 years, she has programmed, taught and managed teams in various companies including at University of California at San Diego (UCSD), Tata Consultancy Services, a CMM Level 5 company from India and TBABrazil, a Microsoft partner. An Agile activist, a Certified Scrum Master and a Certified Scrum Product Owner, graduated with a degree in Computer Science from the University of Brasília, Brazil. Alline developed a software Toolkit that is in commercialization proccess and is constantly presenting her tools in many developer communities as SoCalCodeCamp.com, AgileSanDiego.org, SDJUG.org. Also, she is actively engaged in programs to increase participation of women in Computer Science, like FounderLabs.org, the Microsoft DigiGirlz and organizing events like the next Agile Hackathon (http://agilehackathon.com/) and the Customer Development Day (http://www.meetup.com/San-Diego-Entrepreneur-Center-Society/events/40230...) in South California.

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