December Meeting

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Our next meeting will be Tuesday, December 17th.
Doors open @ 6:30 PM,
Meeting begins @ 7:00 PM

Presenter: Kenny Bastani

Speaking on:
"jQuery and Neo4j"


Presenter: David Shemer

Speaking on:
"An Introduction To Solr"


>>>>> 4455 Morena Blvd. Suite 210 <<<<<
San Diego, CA 92117
From Highway 5 exit east at Balboa
North on Morena Blvd.

Can you make it Poll

6:30 -

Equipment setup and mixer - Food Provided by: Neo4j

7:00 -

Meeting begins, announcements

7:15 -

Speaker: David Shemer

7:50 -

Short Break

8:00 -

Speaker: Kenny Bastani

9:00 -

Drawings - final announcements Meeting Ends, tear down, mixer

9:30 -

Official Stop but we can hang out for as long as the drinks continue or longer!

Speaker: Kenny Bastani

Title: jQuery and Neo4j

Abstract: As companies like Facebook and Google have introduced us to the social graph and knowledge graph, developers are becoming more and more aware of the benefits of these kinds of architectures. In this talk I will walk you through integrating jQuery and a Neo4j graph database to perform quick ranking and look-up operations in real-time.

Bio: Kenny Bastani is an accomplished software development consultant and entrepreneur with 10+ years of industry experience as a front-end and back-end engineer. Kenny has demonstrated leadership in designing and developing enterprise-grade web applications for high-volume, high-availability environments, with innovative focuses on solving unsupervised machine learning problems that enable businesses to better manage their institutional memory. As both an entrepreneur and software designer based in the SF Bay Area, Kenny has gained valuable experience leading teams in both product design and software architecture.

Company Bio: Graphs are everywhere. From websites adding social capabilities to Telco’s providing personalized customer services to innovative bioinformatics research, organizations are adopting graph databases as the best way to model and query connected data. Neo Technology researchers have pioneered graph databases since 2000 and have been instrumental in bringing the power of the graph to numerous organizations worldwide, including 25 Global 2000 customers, such as Cisco, Accenture, Deutsche Telekom, and Telenor. Serving customers in production for over a decade, Neo4j is the world’s leading graph database with the largest ecosystem of partners and tens of thousands of successful deployments.

Speaker: David Shemer

Title: An Introduction To Solr

Abstract: Solr is an open source enterprise search platform from the Apache Lucene project.
Its major features include blazing fast full-text search, hit highlighting, faceted search, dynamic clustering, database integration, and rich document (e.g., Word, PDF) handling.
Providing distributed search and index replication, Solr is highly scalable.
Solr is the most popular enterprise search engine.
NoSQL features as a document database.

Bio: David is a backend engineer with 13+ years of industry experience in various areas, from building enterprise grade integration and provisioning platforms to massive web applications and big data implementations, his biggest achievement his building a telecom mvno software for a small startup that generated $400m in revenue in its first year.
Currently a Team Lead in Piksel working on the AT&T UVerse platform.

Company Bio: Piksel designs, builds, and manages online video services for major media companies like AT&T, Axiata, BSkyB, Mediaset, Sky Deutschland and Televisa, as well as enterprise brands like Airbus, Barnes & Noble, and Volkswagen.
Headquartered in New York City, Piksel offices can be found throughout Europe and the Americas, serving more than 1600 clients in over 50 countries.

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