June Meeting

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Our next meeting will be Tuesday, June 18, 2019.
Doors open @ 6:30 PM
Meeting begins @ 7:00 PM

Speaker: Oleg Šelajev
Speaking on: General Capabilities of GraalVM
Performance with Native Images


>>>>> 9001 Spectrum Center Blvd. <<<<<
San Diego, CA 92123

Can you make it? (Meetup)

6:30 -

Equipment setup and mixer - Food Provided by: Oracle GraalVM

7:00 -

Meeting begins, announcements

7:15 -

Speaker Oleg Šelajev on "General Capabilities of GraalVM"

7:50 -

Short Break

8:00 -

Speaker: Oleg Šelajev on "Performance with Native Images"

9:00 -

Drawings - final announcements Meeting Ends, tear down, mixer

9:30 -

Official Stop

Speaker: Oleg Šelajev

Title: General Capabilities of GraalVM

GraalVM project enhances the Java ecosystem with an integrated, polyglot, high-performance execution environment for dynamic, static, and native languages. GraalVM supports Java, Scala, Kotlin, Groovy, and other JVM-based languages. At the same time, it can run the dynamic scripting languages JavaScript including node.js, Ruby, R, and Python.

In this session you'll see demos and learn what you can do with GraalVM, from using it as the JVM JIT compiler, enhancing the JIT, running native and polyglot programs, compiling them ahead of time for faster startup and lower runtime overhead, debugging your polyglot code using exact same tools for any language, to profiling performance and memory of your application and embedding GraalVM in a native application for portability.

GraalVM offers you the opportunity to write the code in the language you want, which suits the problem the best, and run the resulting program really fast wherever you like: JVM, native code, even inside a database.

Title: Performance with Native Images

GraalVM is a high-performance polyglot runtime for dynamic, static, and native languages. One of the abilities of GraalVM is to compile Java programs ahead of time into native images that offer performance comparable to running on the JVM but have instant startup times and much lower runtime overhead. Generating native images is proven to work on real-world applications. In this session, you will learn how native images work and what is required to generate them and will look at several examples of compiling programs ahead of time and packaging them into minimal containers. You’ll also see how to configure native image generation, work around the limitations, and configuring your application to use native images.

Speaker Bio:
Oleg Šelajev is a developer advocate at Oracle Labs working on GraalVM -- the high-performance embeddable polyglot virtual machine. He organizes VirtualJUG, the online Java User Group, and a GDG chapter in Tartu, Estonia. In 2017 became a Java Champion.

Company Bio:
It's Oracle!

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